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Production of molds
Production of molds can be divided into 3 phases:

1. simulation products (building 3D-models);
2. manufacture of molds;
3. test molds.

Simulation Products

The first stage of manufacture of the mold includes sketching products, as well as the construction of 3D models.
When designing the molds to make elaborate model and the model divided into individual structural elements. Of great importance is given to the gating system.
To prevent or reduce warping, stains and other defects, you can use special programs that simulate the process of filling in forms. It is important to control the distribution of temperature, cooling rate and other parameters.

Basically, the design of molds used CAD / CAM system for computer-aided design. They greatly simplify the designer's work and allow to visualize the finished product.
At the first stage, the entire scope of work for the manufacture of molds, as formed by a set of standard and special products needed to produce molds.

Making the mold

The second step in the manufacture of molds include:
• design;
• prototyping;
• assembly of the mold.

The mold is composed of many different parts that need to be connected very well with each other.
Elements of the mold is separated into specific and normalized. The mold is mainly composed of 50 - 95% of the standard (normalized) components. The cost of these items is 10 - 60% of the total cost of the mold. Their value depends on the complexity of the design of the mold, its geometry and the requirements applied to the mold.

The standard (normalized) elements of the mold include:
• The upper and lower plates of the mold;
• Hubs, speakers, center of the element;
• pushers;
• Injection system (Hot Runner, holodnokanalnaya and combined);
• The cooling system, etc.
There are many companies specializing in the manufacture of standard elements: Hasco Hasenclever GmbH (Germany), DME Company * (USA), EOC Normalien (Germany), etc.

The special detail molds include: matrices, punches, signs, rings etc. The manufacturing of these parts deals with a specialized tool making, ie company in which the ordered form of the press.

As a result, we have the following structure of the mold: a package of plates, gating system, the system of centering, push system, cooling system, the system of formative parts.

Test mold

At the last (third stage) of molds to manufacture the product quality required by us and given production cycle. From the quality of manufacturing molds depends on time "tuning" of the mold - the higher quality the work is done, the less time it will take to it "setting."

Mold tested in conditions that are close to the real conditions of operation of the mold.

The most important part of this process is the hardware on which to test molds - injection molding, since this equipment installed for the test molds shall meet the equipment, which will be produced manufacturing products.